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Race results
December 29, 2005, 1:27 pm
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The field this year was quite a bit smaller than usual – possibly due to the freezing rain that hit Ottawa last night and fell as fresh snow at the race site. That said the competition was as usual tough with many personal bests and what is surely a new track record.


Attached are the times for leading competitors



Men                 Time                 Women                     Time

Blair S.             23.25               Janet N.                       27.10

Ian N.              27.45               Emma C.                      28.20

Peter W.          30.55               Shelia S.                       29.59

Paul B.             32.30               Sandy S.                      30.05

Bruce L.           38.45               Maureen M.                   33.25

                                              Natalie C.                      34.12

                                              Heather N.                    44.05

                                              Janet B.                        58.15

            `                                 Mary N.                        76.15


Boys                                        Girls

David P.           34.18                Nicola                          44.28

Marc N.            69.03

Emmett R.        72.12

After the race a the race commissioner presented Beaverlost Loppet pins to the first time competitors and trophies to the winners. Pictures, stories and delightful snacks followed.

Till next year.                 


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